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Allen Buchanek Ministries
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Allen Buchanek, Evangelist-Teacher- Missionary
Presently, Allen is involved in international ministry where his focus is on strengthing the Body of Christ and reaching the unsaved.
About Allen Buchanek Ministries
For the last half century Allen has been preaching the gospel around the world. His ministry consists of all kinds of meetings in the States and  mission projects in ten different Eastern European Countries. He would be glad to come to any church of any size and share his ministry with the Body of Christ.
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"Let your light so shine before all men that they may see the good work of God in you and Father in heaven be glorified..."
Matthew 5:16

  Allen Buchanek was born January 1, 1943. Since 1962 he has been a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He gave his life to Christ at the age of 19 as a result of a horrific refinery explosion in Pasadena, Texas. The explosion took the lives of 2 people and left Buchanek burned over 50% of his body with the prospects of him being the 3rd fatality. Several others were injured. 
  For six months Allen was in and out of hospitals and underwent 12 operations during which he suffered 2 cardiac arrests, being pronounced dead once for 7 minutes and another time for 15 minutes. Miraculously no heart or brain damage was suffered either time. He was told that he had made medical history. 

  Depressed, disfigured and suicidal, Allen saw little reason for living. A young Christian woman named Sharron Grammar who had known Allen for only a week before the explosion became a constant source of encouragement all throughout his hospital experience. She persuaded him to attend her church with her and there Allen gave his scarred body and soul to Jesus Christ. 

  In that same experience, Allen surrendered his life to preach the Gospel of the Lord of mercy and grace who had forgiven him of his many sins and made him a new creation in Christ.

  A year later the one who had helped Buchanek discover this life changing power became his wife and partner in ministry. They have served the Lord together since 1963. They have 2 daughters and 2 sons who are all serving the Lord. Both sons are ordained ministered. They have 8 grandchildren.

  For the first 23 years, Allen served the Lord’s Church as a traveling vocational evangelist and has literally preached around the world. His ministry has taken him to Mexico, Italy, Korea, Greece the Middle East 4 times and throughout the United States. He reserves 3 month out of the year to do his Eastern Europe Mission Projects in the countries of Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Hungary. He is scheduled to leave for his 8th and 9th trips in September of 2008 and March of 2009.  

  For 18 years Allen served as pastor of churches in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. In 2003 he returned to the ministry of traveling vocational evangelism doing revival meetings, Bible conferences, retreats and pulpit supply (both preaching and singing). 

  Since his call to preach in 1962, the Lord has allowed this ministry to touch over 700 churches of all denominations and has publically given his thrilling story “Saved By Fire”over 1,500 times in churches, stadiums, camps, small groups and on radio and television as well as 100 school assemblies. It has also been translated into 5 languages and over 20,000 copies of this amazing story have been sold and given away.

  Allen and Sharron both graduated with honors from East Texas Baptist University and are both listed in Who’s Who in Colleges and Universities of America. Allen also attended Southwestern Theological Seminary.

  While in college, Allen lettered 1 year in basketball and 3 years in baseball. From 1974-1976 he was elected by his fellow evangelists as president of the Conference of Texas Evangelists, which he helped to establish. He has written 1 book “Babes in Christ”, and numerous articles and recorded 5 music albums. He has served as Staff Evangelist at New Beginnings Baptist Church, Longview, Texas since 2005 where he and his wife now reside. His greatest passion is preaching the truths of God’s powerful Word and seeing God’s Church become strong and healthy, ever growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Allen Buchanek ministry desires that people everywhere come to know the same Christ that changed his life and become committed followers of our soon coming King. Allen may be contacted at New Beginnings Church or The Allen Buchanek Evan. Asson., 1800 McCord, Longview, Texas, 75605. Or call 903-748-0469. here to add text.